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Shandong raised 2.326 billion to promote equalization of basic public health services

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It is reported that in 2017, Shandong Provincial Finance raised 2.326 billion yuan to support the promotion of equalization of basic public health services.
Continue to increase investment protection. The annual per capita funding guarantee standard for basic public health services was increased from 45 yuan to 50 yuan, and the service items were increased from 45 items in 12 categories to 55 items in 14 categories. Provincial subsidy funds adopt the method of “pre-allocated first, then settled” to ensure that funds are fully paid in time.
Strengthen the overall use of subsidy funds at the grassroots level. The newly added subsidy funds are not limited to the use of primary-level medical and health institutions. They are arranged and used by local governments in the field of basic public health services. They are mainly used to consolidate existing service projects, expand service coverage, appropriately increase service subsidies, and refine and improve service content , Improve service quality, and make overall arrangements for free provision of contraceptives and health literacy and other project expenditures.
Strengthen the application of performance evaluation results. From focusing on process assessment to focusing on results assessment, play an assessment-oriented role, increase the performance assessment results and the allocation of funds, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the grassroots to promote reform, and improve the efficiency of fund use. This year, Shandong Province ranked third in the national comprehensive assessment of the 2016 annual project, with an award of 2.49 million yuan.
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