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Grete "National Free Charity Examination, Healthy China Miles" walks into Aohan Banner

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On May 23, the launching ceremony of "National Free Charity Examination, Healthy China Miles" was held in Aohan Banner, and the director of Qi Health and Family Planning Bureau participated in the launching ceremony.
The director of Qi Health and Family Planning Bureau said in the ceremony that the "National Free Charity Examination, Healthy China Miles" charity project organized by the China Aged Care Development Foundation, the Elderly Health Fund Management Committee and the Social Care Enterprise is aimed at Disease-causing and poverty-stricken areas and the aging of the population and other issues of the people's livelihood, especially the poor people in Aohan Banner have little awareness of medical examinations, serious diseases and chronic diseases are found to affect treatment later, and medical conditions vary greatly between urban and rural areas. It is undoubtedly a timely rain to carry out health checkup activities. This “National Public Welfare Free Physical Examination, Healthy China Miles” activity is an act of good deeds to avoid poverty due to illness, and it is also an effective action and measure to implement General Secretary Xi ’s important instructions on healthy China ’s national strategy.
The equipment used for the physical examination was produced by Jinan Great Technology Co., Ltd. The equipment was independently developed by Great Technology. This set of equipment includes a portable information terminal, a portable ECG blood pressure detector workstation, a portable basic information entry device, a portable blood analyzer, a portable urine analyzer, and a portable biochemical analyzer. For more than ten years, Grete has been focusing on primary care.




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